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IHS700H Frost Fighter Indirect Oil-Fired Heater 8,000 CFM 700,000 Btu

IHS700 Ice Fighter Indirect High Static Oil Diesel Fired Heater IHS 700
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Item Number: IHS700H Oil/Diesel
Manufacturer: Frost Fighter Heating
Manufacturer Part No: IHS700H Oil/Diesel

IHS700H Oil/Diesel Frost Fighter Indirect High Static Oil Diesel Fired Heater with 208/230V HED Dual Phase IHS 700
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The IHS700H is now available with an optional 7.5 horsepower motor that makes one of the most popular large heaters on the job site even more powerful!
The IHS700H will produce over 50% more airflow than the standard IHS700P supplying up to 8000 CFM vs. 4600 CFM with the standard unit.
Maximum static pressure increases to 6.0" w.c.
The IHS700H also features a selectable 3 speed fan control allowing you to customize the airflow and the amount of heat being delivered to your job-site.
The outstanding performance provided by the more powerful motor in conjunction with the fan controller allows the IHS700H to supply higher air volumes and air pressures while still retaining all the original performance characteristics of the IHS700P when needed.
The IHS700 will now come standard with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) improving reliability and reducing downtime associated with troubleshooting.
The PLC will display real time operational codes as well as error codes reducing diagnostic time. The PLC will also reduce the need to stock spare parts and reduces associated labor costs.
The IHS700 now has an optional 'Operational Status' high intensity beacon which will display:
Power and operation Burner Status Heater down/lockout situationIHS700P also features a simplified power selector switch with soft start on both single and,
3 phase power reducing start up amperage draw and guarantees correct fan rotation, as well as a convenience light in the burner compartment

  • The New IHS700H Same Performance - Easier Maintenance
  • Optional HED high efficiency provides Dual Power of 1 Phase & 3 Phase
    Highest Static in the Industry at 4" (Available on All Models)
  • Easy Burner Switch out Option available on IHS700 – change from LP/NG to Oil/Diesel or vice versa
  • Industrial Grade Beckett Burner (Oil/Diesel Version)
  • Standard Forklift Pockets & Lifting Hooks for quick & easy movement of heaters
  • Stackable While in Storage
    Optional Fuel Tanks Available
    Fully insulated exterior shell – Cool to the Touch, plus enhanced efficiency, and temperature rise
  • Satin Coated Steel + Powder Coated Paint – resists rust and prolongs durability
  • Durable Stainless-Steel Heat Exchanger – increase heater life
  • Universal Duct Attachment – easily attach either Pin Lock or Belt Cuff Duct styles
  • Polarity Light Indicator – instant notification of proper power being supplied to the heater
  • Independent Fan & Blower – ensures better light-offs & combustion control
  • 81% US Efficiency Rating / 91% European Efficiency Rating
Specifications: IHS700H Oil/Diesel
  • Over 80% efficient.
  • PLC reduces trouble shooting time and simplifies maintenance.
  • Proven 'multi-Pass' Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger provides industry leading heat transfer.
  • Fully insulated shell to minimize heat loss and keep the unit cool to the touch for safety.
  • LED convenience light in burner compartment for working on the unit at night.
  • Large powerful fan produces very high CFM as well as static pressure for long duct runs.
  • 2 -16inch outlets and 2 -16-inch air returns on the same side help lower the footprint of the heater on the
  • jobsite.
  • ability to run in continuous ventilation mode.
  • minimum of 100 ft of ducting per outlet.
  • Optional built in 175 USG fuel cell provides up to 35 hours of run time.
  • Optional operational status beacon allows quick visual indicator for unit status.
  • Optional burner switch-out kit allows units to run on LP/NG or Oil/Diesel- must be done at time of order.
  • Durable powder coat finish. (available in custom colors -charges apply)
  • Multiple forklift pockets and lifting bale simplify loading and placement of heater.
  • Available in 1 and 3 phase 208/230V, as well as 3 ph460V and 3ph 600V.
  • CSA Approved

 Optional fuel Tank for IHS700H – 175 US Gallon

  • Heating Capacity: 700,000 BTU's
  • Fuel requirements: Oil/Diesel
  • Heated air volume: 4,600 CFM
  • Max Static Pressure: 4"
  • Max Discharge Temp: 250°F (121°C)
  • Dimensions:
  • 100"Lx35"
  • Wx59"H
  • 1600lbs w/o tank.
  • 100"Lx35"
  • Wx88"H
  • 1900 lbs. w/tank
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Customer is responsible to check local codes and ordinances for permitted uses.
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This item can only be shipped via LTL Freight due to its weight, size, or fragility.

Ships from Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, Warehouse

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